Use the power of blue light to wake up easier

Different colors of light, affect human physiology in a unique way, blue light being especially studied and understood more clearly in recent years. Blue light is a small part of the light spectrum however it has been shown to have profound effects on our body, specifically sleep wake cycles. Blue light’s influence on sleep wake cycles has been researched since 1953 on animals and humans. The results are fascinating, with findings that can be applied to sleep wake cycles and creating an effective alarm clock.

Blue light is in the lower range of wavelengths ranging from 460nm to 500nm.

Blue light penetrates ocean surface further than other colors of light, it the first type of light life was exposed to.

This explains why the ocean are blue in color.

Science has shown human eyes have a special receptor called melanopsin that does not transmit visual information, instead it relays light information via a specialized tract called the retinohypothalamic tract. The light goes to the sleep center in the brain named the suprachiasmatic nucleus. When exposed to blue light the hormones related to the sleep wake cycle are decreased faster when compared to other types of light. The brain changes its activity to switch from a sleeping state to a wake state. These changes are felt with increased alertness, decreased drowsiness, higher heart, rate, body temperature, cortisol levels change. The cells in the brain stop making protein, RNA and DNA that were used to clean the brain and do maintenance while sleeping, to waking up getting the body ready for activity.

When scientists have tested blue light against other light, test subjects exposed to blue light immediately after waking up are able to think more clearly, solve complicated problems and be more alert in a shorter time period.The drowsy feeling is gone faster. Melatonin levels were 3 times lower in the blue light group when compared to the green light group.

Fast forward to bedtime when people are exposed to blue light before bedtime. Studies have shown valuable REM sleep is delayed by 30 minutes and people are more tired in the morning. Blue light is a large component of light from television and computer screens. Several apps and software exist to cut out the blue spectrum of light completely on devices such as cell phones and computer screens. By cutting out the blue light melatonin levels will rise and healthy sleep can be achieved better.

Artificial blue light that did not produce a lot of heat and was energy efficient was difficult to create for many years. In the 1990’s a group of physicists were able to create a LED that produces blue light in a proficient, safe way. This was a major finding in science, blue light produced without energy wasted as heat with very little electricity needed.

Light awake will offer a family of products featuring blue light LED lighting units controlled by a smart phone or tablet to give people more blue light stimulation.

By using lighting regimes properly people can have healthier and more productive lives. Unleash the power of blue light today.

Katherine Hurst MSc, MD
Inventor of Light Awake