Creating the “alarm” clock

The LightAwake idea needed a platform with which to deliver the light stimuli in an efficient and safe way, taking into account current research and technology.

Today people have busy schedule driven lifestyles and need to make the best use of their precious and fleeting time. Early mornings or set “wake times” at any time are a part of peoples’ lives. People work, take care of children, attend school, rehearsals, workouts, catch trains or planes and need their alarm clock to wake them up feeling alert without any drowsiness while not disturbing the rest of their household.

LightAwake app interfaceSmart phones and tablets proved to be the perfect vehicle for this new and innovative way to wake up and so this first version of LightAwake is for the Apple family of mobile devices and will run on all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

When a person is ready to go to sleep they simply open and set the LightAwake app and then prop the tablet or phone near their head on a night table. The LightAwake system is effective and will not disturb others sleeping in the same room in the way a noisy conventional alarm clock would.

Wake up feeling alert, ready to go, clear of mind and on time. Let LightAwake help you wake up ready to take on your day with the healthy stimulus your brain was intended to have wake you up. Make the most of your day because time is a unique commodity that cannot be traded,reimbursed or returned and ought to be used efficiently and wisely.