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Light, the natural way to wake upLight, The Natural Way to Wake

During a summer storm, vivid flashes of lightning caused Kathy Hurst and her family to wake instantly, without drowsiness. A medical student at the time, Kathy explored scientific literature for an explanation of this phenomenon.

Dr. Hurst discovered that when it comes to waking up naturally, sound-based alarm clocks have it all wrong. In fact, light is the key to waking up more alert because light affects the sleep/wake center of the brain. And now, thanks to the many mobile devices at our disposal, we have the technology to create an app to wake up with light instead of sound!

Based on this principle, Dr. Hurst created the LightAwake app with the goals of:

  • Waking you up to a more alert state
  • Wake up using circadian rhythms
  • Have a pleasant wake up experience

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